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Manual of Pepper GeneChip Analyzing Scripts
In this section we are providing the scripts to analyze Pepper GeneChip microarray data.

Pepper GeneChip (Sanger-EST) or Illumina Genome Analyzer (IGA) Transcriptome Data Retrieval System
Access to pepper GeneChip and Transcriptome Assemblies, SNPs, SSRs, Annotation, BLAST resutls, etc...

BLAST your sequence against GeneChip (Sanger-EST) or Illumina Genome Analyzer (IGA) Assemblies
This is an NCBI BLAST search program to blast your sequence against two pepper Sanger-EST or IGA assemblies. Although there is no limitation in terms of number of sequences but please limit your search to 25 long sequences or 100 short sequences to prevent slowing down of our web server.

Contact information.

Hamid Ashrafi:
Authors: Hamid Ashrafi, Sebastian Reyes Chin-Wo.

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