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Characterization of Capsicum annuum Genetic Diversity and Population Structure Based on Parallel Polymorphism Discovery with a 30K Unigene Pepper GeneChip. 2012. Genome doi:10.1139/gen-2012-0083
Theresa A. Hill, Hamid Ashrafi, Sebastian Reyes-Chin-Wo, JiQiang Yao, Kevin Stoffel, Maria-Jose Truco, Alexander Kozik, Richard W. Michelmore, Allen Van Deynze

Identification of QTLs for capsaicinoids, fruit quality, and plant architecture-related traits in an interspecific Capsicum RIL population. 2012. Genome doi:10.1139/gen-2012-0083
Shawn C Yarnes, Hamid Ashrafi, Theresa Hill, Sebastian Reyes-Chin-Wo, Kevin Stoffel, Allen E. Van Deynze

De novo assembly of the pepper transcriptome (Capsicum annuum): a benchmark for in silico discovery of SNPs, SSRs and candidate genes. 2012. BMC Genomics doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-571
Hamid Ashrafi, Theresa Hill, Kevin Stoffel, Alexander Kozik, JiQiang Yao, Sebastian Reyes Chin-Wo and Allen Van Deynze

Development and application of a 6.5 million feature affymetrix genechip for massively parallel discovery of single position polymorphisms in lettuce (Lactuca spp.)
Kevin Stoffel, Hans van Leeuwen, Alexander Kozik, David Caldwell, Hamid Ashrafi, Xinping Cui, Xiaoping Tan, Theresa Hill, Sebastian Reyes-Chin-Wo, Maria-Jose Truco, Richard W Michelmore and Allen Van Deynze

Genome-Wide SNP Discovery from de novo Assemblies of peppper (Capsicum annuum) Transcriptomes
Hamid Ashrafi, Jiqiang Yao, Kevin Stoffel, Sebastian Reyes-Chin-Wo, Theresa Hill, Alexander Kozik and Allen Van Deynze.International Conference on the Status of Plant and Animal Genome Research (PAG XX). January 14-18, 2012, San Diego, CA. Poster presentation (Poster P0480).

Pepper EST database: compregensive in silico tool for analyzing the chili pepper (Capsicum annum) trascriptome
Hyun-Jin Kim et al.

BMC Plant Biology 2008, 8:101 doi:10.1186/1471-2229-8-101

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